Week 10 – 2017 Week of Lazy Days

Week 10 – 2017 Week of Lazy Days

Week 10 was a week of lazy days. Trips to Cardiff, cinema, walks, shoe and household shopping.

This week I’ve been using up the last of my holiday entitlement for 2016/17. We planned to go away but thought it best to stay home as my tummy can’t be depended on!

Sunday – Son and DIL came with the boys. Played with cars and Ashley showed us how to write his name. He’s do so well at the moment. (Did I ever mention he has Global Development Delay??)

Monday – Day out in Cardiff but I wasn’t feeling too good before we set off, but was determined to go anyway! We went to Hotter shoes as I wanted to get some summer shoes. I tried on several styles and was offered 30% off a second pair so decided on the stone coloured Nirvana and navy Mexico.
We had a walk around some other shops but I was feeling very hot and could barely put one foot in front of the other. We stopped for a cup of tea and decided to call it a day. I’m so fed up of this sickness..

Tuesday – a quiet day at home and feeling much better.

Wednesday – Cinema to see The Great Wall. Set hundreds of years ago, it’s about some mercenary soldiers from Europe who travel to China in search of black powder (gun powder).
The film is based on legends of the Great Wall and monsters that come from a meteor that crashed hundreds of years before. The mercenaries get captured by soldiers on the Great Wall and find out that the monsters are due to attack them.
It’s a film full of action and fantastic set pieces when they are fighting the monsters. Very enjoyable.

Thursday – Day out again, back towards Cardiff to look for a new bedspread. We don’t use a duvet as it’s too warm. We have a lightweight bedspread for most nights and a heavier one for when it’s a bit colder. The lightweight one is looking a bit bedraggled and we found a new one in Dunelm.
We then went to Waitrose to do the weekly shop – I had a £6 off a £30 shop – which works out at 20% off.
On the way back we had lunch in a local pub as we missed out on it on Monday!

Friday – Another lazy day at home. I had a package from the hospital with instructions to book a CT colonoscopy and instructions to follow for the 2 days prior to the appointment. So it’s going to take place on 3rd April and hopefully results will discover what the heck is going on with my insides!!

This week it’s all about Focal Point and where you put your subject in the frame. There are 4 techniques to try.

  1. Rule of Thirds
  2. Leading Lines
  3. Negative space
  4. Background separation

I really enjoyed the task this week and know my skills are getting better.

week 10, 2017, soosie wales

That’s all for this week



Project 365, week 10


  1. chickenruby

    i really hope your appointment in april gives you the answers you need. we will be putting the duvet away soon as summer arrives, but i need soothing other than a sheet for a couple of weeks, we don’t have a Dunelm here but I’m sure I could find something elsewhere.

  2. Emma Gordon

    Your photos are stunning. I love them all, but I am really drawn to the blue. It doesn’t sound like you had a week of lazy days, sounds really busy! I hope the appointment next month gives you the answers you need. It sounds like a great milestone he’s reached by writing his name. 🙂

  3. Elaine Livingstone

    what a nuisance when you want to enjoy a few days away and cant. Hope they get to the bottom of it. Sounds like Picolax…..great fun ( not)
    Glad Ashley is getting on, all be it at his own pace, every step forward is good.
    20% off is good. We have a couple for Sainsbury this month, spend £60 get £9 of. Not to be sneezed at although not quite as good as yours.


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