#Project365 week 29 day 7 – Favourite Food

If I was asked this every day you would get a different answer every day!

Some of favourites :

Soup – Heinz Cream of Tomato – Comfort food!!

Starters  – Rustic breads with Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive oil. OR Caesar Salad. I also love Insalata Caprese but rarely have it as the lactose in the mozzarella gives me a stuffy nose.

Mains – Really too many to list!! There’s not much that isn’t a favourite!

Dessert – Only available at home sadly – I’ve never seen it on a menu – Victoria Sponge with THIN custard (the custard cannot be poured over the top though.. just down the side so it soaks into the sponge. This is just heaven to me!

Dried fruit

This picture is of my breakfast – my favourite food on this is the apricots and prunes. We rarely had sweets when I was growing up but dried fruit was always in the pantry and I was often found with a gob full of it! It’s a good job my grandson wasn’t about as he would have nicked most of them as he loves them too!

Do have a favourite food?

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