#Project365 week 29 day 4 – Inspirational

Right then back to Inspirational..(see last post).

Three weeks ago I won a competition with Baking Mad – a year supply of baking ingredients :O

It all arrived today – here’s what the prize was:

  • 10 bags of plain flour
  • 10 bags of Self Raising Flour
  • 10 bags of Bread flour
  • 10 bags of golden caster sugar
  • 10 packets of ready roll icing
  • box of cooking chocolate

I’m glad I have a large kitchen with enough cupboard space to store it!!

29-52 (8)

I’ll be needing some INSPIRATION from some of my cookery books!

29-52 (9)

Some of my cookery books

What do you like baking? Do you have a favourite baking recipe? Leave a link if you do!


  1. Gretchen Duhaime

    I love to bake. One of my favorite things to do with my mom. Now that I’m eating gluten-free it’s much more of an experiment. I find I can follow the same recipe and always get different results. Much more of an art form, and I need to pay close attention to the dough.

  2. ruthhill74

    Goodness, what an amazing giveaway to win! Congrats! Enjoy your winnings. A favorite recipe? I can’t think of one at present–I’m on vacation. But enjoy! Commenting from the UBC.


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