#Project365 week 29 day 3 – Number

Actually today should be – Inspirational but the plan for it didn’t materialise so I went on to the next daily prompt of ‘Number’.

It would have easy to take a picture of a number but I didn’t want easy.. as I sat on the garden bench eating lunch I was enjoying seeing how much the garden has flourished in the warm hot weather.  This is when I noticed how many of the flowers are actually made up of smaller blooms to make the whole flower head.

These are flowerheads looking spectacular at the moment.

Pink – Spirea, White – Dog Wood, Green/pink – Hydrangea

Spirea, Dogwood , Hydrangea

Spirea, Dogwood , Hydrangea

What sort of flowers are in your garden? Are any of them made up of a NUMBER of smaller blooms?

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