#Project365 week 29 day 2 – Bottle

I went for an early morning stroll today, I took my iPod with me and listened to some upbeat music to lighten my mood.

I’ve been feeling rather down the last few days.

  • Dealing with selling some of my youngest sons belongings, brings home how much I miss him.
  • Thinking of making the plans for the trip to see him – should we just have a flight to Oz or go for a round the world ticket and do at least one stop on the way there and back to break up the flight times. Where will we stay? Should we fly into Sydney and then fly to Brisbane or should we drive there? All these options are just mincing my brain.
  • Heated words with the older son regarding his and his wife’s lack of monetary sense.
  • Realising I’ve been out of work for 3 years on 21st July. I spent around 4 hours on Sunday trawling job and company sites and refreshing my CV.   I found just 3 jobs that I would want to apply for and when I checked the job details one wanted qualifications I don’t have (the type you can only get when on the job), one turned out to be 50 miles away and the last one wanted a University Graduate, why goodness only knows as it was basically a Team Manager job. I applied for it anyway..you never know..

I spent much of Sunday feeling rather sorry for myself.  I’ve been depressed before and I can feel it coming back but I’m not having it – oh no siree.
I don’t want to resort to medication again, I hated it, sleeping is bad enough without the medically induced nightmares! So the walk and fresh air is my medication.

Anyway on to Bottle –

I forgot to take my camera on my walk so I had to resort to the iPod camera and remembered I had the PowerCam App installed. It takes photos with special effects. So when I came home I pulled out my favourite bottle for the hot weather – Pimms.

Oh, in case you’re wondering… I don’t resort to this when when feeling low. It’s taken a year to get it half empty!!

Drunk Pimms

Drunk Pimms

The swirly effect makes it look drunk!!

What do you do to ‘lighten your mood’?


  1. Annett Bone (@AnnettBone)

    As I am coming across these blogs in the UBC, I am humbled with the honesty and transparency of the subject matters (yours included). Working out definitely lightens my mood, among other things. I think it’s important that you have a positive “go to” when you need a pick-me-up. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kathy

    Sometimes dealing with family can be so heart wrenching and stressful. I enjoyed reading your post! Visiting from the Ultimate Blogging Challenge!


  3. Kathy

    It is always depressing to fight with family. I enjoyed your writing style and your post. Chin up, better days are coming. They always are! Visiting from the Ultimate Blogging Challenge.


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