#Project365 43/52

I’ve been lazy again this week, just some shots in the garden and of Ashley’s visit on saturday.

We have a conifer in the back garden that generally produces a few berries in the autumn but this year it’s gone berserk, there are hundreds on it. The picture doesn’t do it justice as you can’t see how red they are.
A normal everyday spider – could this be the one that spun the huge web I posted last week?? A web after the rain – in the front garden this time. I wish my camera could capture the MANY webs that the spiders have spun between our neighbours garage and his laurel bushes…they look amazing after the rain. I’ll keep trying to get them by changing settings on my camera..

spider, conifer

I looked after Ashley on my own on Saturday. His first treat was an apple and his Gulp milkshake (yes I know milkshake is sweet but it does get milk into him! He won’t drink milk..)
He loves having his picture taken and is obsessed with getting as close as he can to the lens!
He’s doing quite well with becoming ‘dry’, he lets you know straight away if he’s done a wee or poo, but refuses to use the potty or sit on the loo.
We went for a short walk but he now refuses to hold hands and I can’t run as fast as him, so it’s pretty scary walking along a busy main road.
I wish he would say more (Oh did I really say that – I don’t think he’d shut up if he could!) his speech is pretty poor for a nearly 3 year old.  Nana, Gaddy (grandad), daddy, mumm, cat and oh dear is about as much as you can get out of him. He makes lots of noises but nothing you’d understand. Mummy and Daddy doesn’t seem as concerned as the grandparents though!

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  1. Rollercoaster Mum

    I love the detail on the spider and the web is beautiful.

  2. jenny paulin

    nothing wrong with a lazy week . all those berries – and all the berries seen everywhere at the moment – could spell hard winter brrrrr 🙁 i dont like spiders -so thanks for posting that photo!!! Ashley has a lovely smile and is getting so big now x

  3. bren@BGgarden

    I love this share … conifers are magic!

  4. LFFL

    Ewwww. I’ve never seen a spider that looks like that!

    1. Sue

      We have lots of spiders in our area. It’s a good job I’m not afraid of them!!
      Thanks for popping by!

  5. TheBoyandMe

    That spider’s web is gorgeous! Your grandson’s smile is wonderful.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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