#Project365 36/52

I’ve had a good week this week, a slow start trying to catch up on competition entries and adding things to the ever expanding list for the big trip!! Two weeks and counting…

Wednesday was our busiest day, we went to Cardiff to stroll around the centre, Hubby went to the big CD shop as usual, I went for a coffee.  CD shops bore me rigid!!
We also had our first visit to Red Hot Buffet as a #redhottastemaker – you can read about it here if you wish.
We were going to follow the meal with a trip to the cinema but I forgot to take my Orange mobile with us – yes I have 2 mobiles.. the Orange one is a cheap £10 one and used for Orange Wednesdays.  So we had to return home to get the phone and go to the Cinema in Newport. We went to see Elysium and wasn’t overly impressed.

red hot buffet

The Red Hot Experience

Some readers may know that there is a new road being constructed between M4 Junction 23a and follows the old Llanwern Steelworks road down to Newport. They’ve been constructing for 18 months and it should have opened in April. When we came back from Cardiff and turned off on J23a (our junction) I noticed that the cones were gone, I checked the roadsign on Main Road and the bit that covered the word ‘Newport’ had been cleared off. The road was open!! It takes about 2 miles off the journey to our best friends house and about a mile off the journey to the cinema. Plus it’s a nicer road than the M4 to the Coldra and then along the Ringland Industrial road with all it’s roundabouts!

I’m sure the road will get busy when word spreads that it’s open but for now it’s locals and those that know!!

About a week ago I was emailed to say I had won an iPod Touch in the Butlins Making Memories competition.  The iPod came on Thursday with a hand written note. A lovely touch I thought. Oh and you can read my entry here – if you wish.

Ended the week with a visit to our best friends as we’ve not seen them for a couple of months due to working shift clashes. We came back with some toys for Ashley that Kev’s sister had passed to him for us. How very kind of her 🙂 Can’t wait to see his face tomorrow!

Toys, Letter, New Road

Toys, Letter, New Road

Oh yes and while putting his new CDs away he swapped the CDs in the car and we’ve been listening to Sterophonics – Graffiti on the Train which is bliddy excellent and also Crowded House Greatest – forgot how many good tunes they had. Drove him up the wall as I sing along with them all..HA HA>>

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  1. clairetiptop

    Sounds like a fantastic trip

  2. Elaine Livingstone (@pooohbear2811)

    well done on the win. Its great to get new toys for the kids, I will need to start again for Dinky and Minky as have given everything away as daughter was having no more!! Hope its a long while till the new road is busy for you

  3. jenny paulin

    well done on winnng the ipod touch!and only 6 weeks to Australia is very exciting!!!Ashley will be very pleased with those toys – how lovely of your friend x
    ps. nice to be able to eat all that food for free 🙂 x

  4. Thisdayilove

    Not long to go


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