#Project365 16/52

We started the week with a visit to Bridgend Outlet.  The visit was for nothing special, just a few hours out.  We had Ashley to look after too so thought the trip out would be exciting for him too.
Of course he ended up with some goodies too – two new t-shirts from Next outlet. We headed to the kids area where there is slides and climbing areas but it was a bit overwhelming for the little man! He preferred sitting in the toy rally car and had fun trying to steer it.

Although there wasn’t much in the way of new shoots in the garden last week, the warmer weather (well I say warmer but what I meant was that the temperature was at last in double figures!!) seems to have kick started a few shoots now and bought out some flowers.

The last picture is of reflections of some sparkles on a shirt I was wearing that shone on the car lining – I can see a face, can you??

Next week I’ll be posting some pictures of my son’s wedding that’s taking place on Thursday. We are all getting very excited! The long-range forecast says it’s going to be dry so that’s a comfort! It will be even better if they said a bit of sun!

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  1. Coombemill - Fiona

    It’s lovely to see signs that Spring is finally here! Good luck and figures crossed for the weather on Thursday.

  2. Erica Price

    Love the camelia buds – quite miss our camelia (left it behind at old house). A real sign of spring and the summer to come (hopefully).

  3. Joanne Blunt

    Lovely to see some Spring photos.

  4. ghostwritermummy

    Oh i love your garden shots. Ours are coming through too 🙂

  5. TheBoy AndMe

    Lovely to see some flowers shooting at last!

    Thanks for linking up


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