#Project365 15/52

We’ve not been up to much this week.  The garden is still looking a bit bare and not much is growing at the moment. I’ve been really lazy this week and barely been out so the camera hasn’t had much use. My excuse is the poor weather…

We start with last Sunday and a visit to our local park. Ashley loved the swings and spinning the wheel near the slide.  No photos then until Saturday, I won an Aquadoodle a few months ago and we decided it was time to get it out as Ashley is taking an interest in scribbling.  I was impressed with how easily it can be used, no messy pens, no water everywhere and Ashley loved it…not to scribble on but to pretend to clean his teeth! Everything that resembles a toothbrush goes into his gob..he even does the sound of the electric brush and wobbles his arm up and down..He’s so funny!!

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