#Project365 13/52

I couldn’t find much to photograph this week. It’s only week 13 and I’ve lost my mojo for most things…

I’m fed up of being out of work and not finding any job that takes my fancy. No matter how fed up I am, I’m not going to compromise and go back to working in a call centre on the phones. I would rather be jobless!!
I have applied for one job and the closing date is 2nd April so hopefully that will at least bring me an interview.

The garden is looking rather drab at the moment and not much has started to shoot – I had planned on taking some macros of spring shoots but Spring hasn’t sprung yet!!

On a happier note!  We went to Cardiff on Friday to look around for some accessories for my wedding outfit. I saw some red shoes in Next but a pity the heels were so high..I just can’t do heels any more! They some similar ones with a low wedge and I tried them on but one was too tight across my toes and the other was too loose.  Hubby found a lovely bag, a clutch that is white with black and red bands on 2 sides.  I had it in my hand on the way to the till and a sales girl asked me if I wanted to sign up to their newsletter and get £10 off an online spend. I asked what the minimum spend was and she said £15. MMM £10 of my bag if I buy it online – don’t mind if I do!
On the way to put the bag back on the shelf I was accosted by another sales girl with the same offer. I explained I had already done it and she smiled and said ‘oh dear, I only need another 2’. My mind raced ahead, I offered to fill in another using another email address so she could get closer to her quota..and I could get £10 off another online order!
When we got home I ordered my clutch bag and got £10 off – half price!!! Go Sue!! I also looked at the sale items and found a gold bag for £10 down from £25 and a leather kindle case for £8 down from £18. So registered on the site with hubby’s details to get £10 off them too. That made the god bag free!! Pictures to follow in next post!

We also looked after the grandson a couple of times. Once so his Mum and Dad could finalize arrangements for the reception and again on Saturday while Mummy was in work. He’s pleasure to have, always on the go and with lots of smiles and laughter. The happiest moments of my week.

Ashley trying to run away with Nan's iPod!

Ashley trying to run away with Nan’s iPod!

Ashley looking serious for once!

Ashley looking serious for once!

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  1. Shell Louise

    Well done on the shopping bargains! He sure does look serious in that last photo! 🙂

  2. OneDad3Girls

    Really hope you get some good news on the job front soon and keep your head up with the 365

  3. me_andthe_tiny3 (@Me_andthe_tiny3)

    lovely photos

  4. Jaime Oliver

    wow what a serious face!

  5. ghostwritermummy

    Haha he looks like a real character!

  6. Erica Price

    Loving the bargains – good on you. Lovely thoughtful picture.

  7. TheBoyandMe

    You’ll find it again, we just need some decent weather. Your little grandson looks such a bundle of joy!

    Thanks for linking up.

  8. Elaine Livingstone (@pooohbear2811)

    well done on the bargains, nice thing to get, Im with you looking for a 2nd job that fits round my first, but everybody wants you flexible ans Im not giving up my good paying weekend job for any reason. love the serious face

  9. pobbingalong

    hope you hear good news about job application x

  10. Susan

    You’ve just got to love a bargain. Well done


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