Poetry – Day 12 BEDM


Day 12 prompt for Blog Everyday in May #BEDM is Poetry

I’ve not done poetry since I was in school.. Many moons ago.

Here’s my attempt for today.

Up early on a foggy day,
Holiday begins
All booked in we’re on our way,
Now the nightmare starts.

Praying that no kids are near.
Crying, whining, mummy can I have?
Bouncing in their seat
Swinging their feet.

Shouldn’t they be in school?
Please stop banging that tray!
Why won’t you be quiet?
Mummy and daddy do their best

Ssh, be quiet, don’t jump about.
There’s not enough for them to do.
Excited kids, what can you do?
Any one have some ear plugs?

We arrive at last
‘Welcome home’ says George!

Are you taking part in #BEDM?

What are your views / opinions on the subject for today?  I’d love to hear from you, pop a comment below.
soosie wales


  1. Tabi

    Oh, this sounds very familiar! Great poem!

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Thanks..The flight wasn’t too bad, but we’ve had our kids and want a bit of peace now.


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