Photo review of 2015

Photo review of 2015

My Photo review of 2015 – The grandsons, the cat, cars, and more.


Photo review 2015, soosie wales

January – Ashley – He loves his playdoh set. He’s making me some ‘getti.

February – Theo – 5 months old and laughing at the antics of his brother.

March – Ashley – Balance bike ride in the lovely sunshine. Loved whizzing down the slopes.

April – Ashley – Fun on the swing being pushed by Granddad.

May – Theo – starting to realise that he can pose for a photo.

June – Me and the camera – The decision to buy my own domain and go ‘self-hosted’. Lots of work to get the blog set up.

July – Molly – enjoying the sunshine. Silly cat still won’t come inside.

August – Cars – saying goodbye to Betty the Leon and Hello to Jazz. I really miss Betty I had her for 7 years.

September – Caerphilly Castle – I ran out of battery power on the camera and took this with my phone. It was filtered to black and white by an app on the phone.

October – Camera – The operation to clean the CCD sensor. It had a spec of dust on it and would have cost a lot to get it sorted. I saw a video on YouTube and followed it. Taken apart and put back together successfully!

November – Newport – The opening of Friars Walk. Newport really needs an area like this, hopefully it will kickstart the regeneration of the city.

December – Family – Just us and oldest son’s family this year. Missing our other son and wife in Australia. Thank goodness for Skype.

Not an exciting year, full of the usual ups and downs of everyday life.

It’s good to flip back through the photos for the year. It reminded me that the grandsons are growing quickly!

If you want to join in with the project (which will be #project366) in 2016, let me know in the comments and I’ll send you the details.

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Happy new Year!

soosie wales

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