National Tree Week – Day 28 #BEDN

National Tree Week – Day 28 #BEDN

I wasn’t aware that there was a National Tree Week. It was launched in 1975 so this is the 40th anniversary.

National tree week - day 28 #bedn


Every winter the Tree Council encourages people and groups to plant up to a 1 million trees.

There are many areas in the UK that are losing their tree stocks. They are being pulled down to be replaced by housing, industry and roads. Some of our woods and forests are being lost.
When I was growing up we lived near a wood and we spent many happy hours there. Climbing trees, gathering conkers, acorns and other seeds. We could identify most of the trees from the leaves, shape and seeds.

We have to ensure that our children grow up appreciating trees too! Teach them what trees do in the environment.
For example:

  • They clean the air.
  • They can keep us cool by providing shade. 
  • They help to prevent soil erosion. Their roots hold soil in place and slow down the rate of water flow. 
  • They provide shelter for wildlife and birds. 
  • They provide us with food. 

Did you also know that trees can heal?? Yep! Research shows that patients that can see trees heal quicker. Children with ADHD show less symptoms when they are given access to nature.
Lets face it when you see nature and are outdoors don’t YOU feel better!!

National tree week - day 28 #bedn

Do you know your Oak from your Chestnut? What’s your favourite tree?

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  1. kerry norris

    I must admit I am useless at tree knowledge. I like to look at them but wouldn’t have a clue as to what I was looking at. Thanks for all the knowledge that I can tell my daughter about. x

  2. hannah

    I had no idea it was national tree week, you learn something new every day x

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      I had no idea either.. Great idea though, especially if it gets people planting more trees.


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