EU Referendum – Keep Calm

EU Referendum – Keep Calm

Today’s the day we vote in the EU Referendum – Keep Calm it’ll be fine whatever the outcome.

I’ve cast my vote after carefully weighing up the options. I voted to REMAIN. I didn’t come across anything in the media to make me change my mind.


  1. There is no way to know if we’re better off financially IN or OUT
  2. Either way won’t solve any perceived immigration crisis. So if you call yourself British, then it’s likely that you’re not actually British if you go far enough back in your ancestry. Immigration isn’t a new concept, citizens from all over the world have been coming here for millennia! AND citizens here in Britain have also migrated all over the world.
  3. The amount of money we send to the EU is like pissing in the ocean compared to the amounts the UK spends on Pensions, Healthcare, Education and Defence
    (What does the Government spend it’s money on?)

EU referendum - Keep Calm, Soosie Wales

Post Referendum

We will have to live with whatever the outcome is. I’m more fearful that there will be civil unrest and all sorts of conspiracy theories being blamed for one side or the other not winning.


If you voted IN and we’re OUT,  then nothing will change for a good while. Let’s be hopeful that which ever gob shite government ends up running the country keeps to promises for a Better Britain. It’ll be tough and we’ll be in the realm of the unknown. It’ll be scary!

If you voted OUT and we’re IN,  then nothing will change for a good while. (oh look the same as above!) We’ll eventually be stronger and we will be much better off in the long run.

There is no need to go on the rampage, no need to be abusive to others, no need to worry about whether all the votes were counted – they will have been.

We were asked for our opinion and we’ve given it. We now have to move forward and live with the decision.

I hope we make the right one!

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soosie wales


  1. Amy Deverson

    I’m voting remain too! But you’re right, whatever the outcome there is nothing we can do!! x

  2. Cecilia Keinapel

    I voted remain. You are so right so many people that can’t let the results go. It is nothing we can do about it other than get on with our lives…


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