Competitions – Day 18 #BEDN

Competitions – Day 18 #BEDN

I’ve been entering competitions for the past 5 years. I don’t win very much and this year has been pretty mean on the wins front.

competitions day 18 bedn

The best prize I’ve won is a week’s hotel accommodation in Cyprus. We only had to pay the flights and bit of spends.  Last year I won prizes totaling £1800. You may think that’s a lot but it’s not much for the effort you have to put in. I generally spend between 2 and 4 hours most days ‘comping’, entering via the web, Facebook and Twitter.

You may have seen lot’s of what are called ‘professional’ compers in the press and on TV telling you about all their fantastic wins..holidays, cars and lots more. What they don’t tell you is that these wins have been amassed over years and years!
There are companies that see this and think it’s OK to try to exclude what they refer to as ‘professional compers’ or ‘comping whores’.
Examples include Twitter accounts that say if your feed is mostly re-tweets of competitions and giveaways they’ll exclude you. Another example is some bloggers who feel that they can exclude compers as they want ‘regular’ readers to benefit from their giveaway. (They are breaking ASA rules by doing so!)
They seem to forget that compers generally have lots of followers and by re-tweeting or sharing on Facebook it puts that company or blog in-front of many more readers who may well like what they see!

There’s a lot of fun to be had from this hobby, I’ve joined some Facebook groups, not all are for comping, some just to take the mickey out of X-Factor, Britain’s got talent etc.
The strangest thing is having friends online that you’re not likely to meet but still have good times with.

The best thing – or the worst depending on your view – is what’s coming next month. ADVENTS!!!
HUNDREDS of competitions that run for days on end. Some for everyday in December, others for the 12 days before. Some are game or skill based, some are simply ‘tweet this’, ‘fill this form’ or ‘click here’.
It’s time consuming, hard work but ultimately fun!

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    I generally ignore the advents, there are two ways of thinking on this, if all you regular compers are bogged down with advents then less people entering the others, so I ( in theory) stand more chance of winning.
    I won just over £200 of prizes last week, most will come in handy for Christmas but like you it has been a lean year, think apart from my big ( and much appreciated) 2k win there has been nothing else all year


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