Christmas – Day 29 #BEDN

Christmas – Day 29 #BEDN

OK so it’s under 4 weeks to Christmas. Are you getting excited? Done all your shopping? Tree up yet?

Christmas day 29 #bedn

It’ll be a quiet time for us, much different from when the boys lived at home! I’m not sure what the plan actually is for Christmas Day and Boxing Day yet. It’ll definitely be different from last year! This year we’ll only see son in Australia via a Skype session and oldest son had plans to have a Christmas Day without the pressure of visiting parents.

I’ve no idea what to buy for Hubby or what to have myself. I wouldn’t mind a new camera as mine is over 5 years old now. But if money was no object and excluding going to Australia I’d love to have this: (It’s only £2800!)

Christmas day 29 #bedn, am byth ring

Our tree won’t be going up until about a week before, we have a new one this year and I’m under instruction not to buy any new ornaments this year! (OOPS already bought some lights!!)  I already have too many baubles, some of the spare ones are put into a big dish with some candles and some others are strung on ribbons and dangle from our standard lamp.

Christmas day 29 #bedn

We are not particularly religious and won’t be going to church. But will be mindful of true meaning of Christmas.

To me it’s a time of joyfullness with family and friends.

What is Christmas to you? Do you have any family traditions?

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  1. Vicky

    To me, Christmas means a lot. I lovr catching up with my family, even if it is only once a year for some. Have a blessed Sunday

  2. Rhian Westbury

    I stay up until midnight as it turns into the 1st of December to put my tree up so that’s tomorrow night sorted 😀 x


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