Catching up on #Project366 again!!

Here I am again catching up on the week.  The weather has been glorious for this time of year,  I’m not one for sitting in the garden, it bores me rigid! I’d much prefer to be on my lappy pootling around the internet. However that has its drawbacks too as I get rather frustrated with the job hunting. Hubby is also off work at the moment after failing his medical last week. He has to get his blood pressure under control before he can go back to work. If this is what retirement is going to be like then get me a job!!

Mid week we decided to forego the ‘essential use’ only for the car and went out for the day. The plan was to go to Abergavenny and hubby turned left towards Chepstow.. argh we are going the wrong way.. no he says, we’ll go via Chepstow and Monmouth!

If you look at any map you’ll see that Abergavenny is north of Newport/Pontypool and Chepstow is East! I would have just gone north but hubby wanted to have a scenic drive hence the detour to Chepstow. The journey takes you on this route – Home to Chepstow, turn off towards Tintern, carry on past Tintern, Llandogo, Redbrook and Wyesham to arrive at Monmouth. It’s a lovely scenic route – wasn’t quite the same in my Seat Leon – last year we also had his MR2, nothing like get the top down on a drive like this!

Well at Monmouth we decided we’d go to Ross-on-Wye. We parked at the bottom of town and walked along the river bank and up into the town. We’ve not been to Ross for a couple of years, it’s pretty little town built on a hill above the river, lots of locally owed shops which sets it apart from the bigger towns here in South East Wales (yes I know Ross is England but it’s near enough!)

There were a few photo opportunities to be had but I hadn’t noticed that my camera battery was nearly dead.  I managed to get a couple along the river and despite feeling like a tourist in the town I stood and took the first picture of the Market Place. I pressed the zoom button and CLICK.. battery dead. ARGH I was so annoyed that I hadn’t noticed the battery meter. I couldn’t even get shots with my phone as that was at home charging after I forgot to connect it the night before..

So here is my one decent shot of Ross (88/366)


86/366 – Got to get my feet ready for sandals











87/366 My new mug

89/366 Strawberries – summer in a bowl and yes the black bits is black pepper.

90/366 Grandson Ashley – poorly boy trying to look happy. He has an ear infection and a bad tummy.. Poor little man.

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