Blogging Woe – Day 27 #BEDN

Blogging Woe – Day 27 #BEDN

I’ve changed today’s prompt to Blogging Woe for Blog Every Day in November. It was supposed to have been Buy Nothing Friday. I could have told you about the perils or otherwise of Black Friday but I’ve decided not to.

Blogging Woe day 27 #BEDN

Instead I’ll tell you of my Blogging Woe in the hope that someone out there can help!

I currently have a few problems affecting the blog.


I saw a post on the UK Bloggers Facebook page advising everyone to check their twitter feed. There are some people that are being excluded from hashtag searches which means they won’t get seen!

I asked a friend to check mine and also used an old account of my mine to check my main blogging Twitter handle. The searches were excluding any tweet with a hashtag or a link to my blog.

For example – a search of #BEDN from my @soosiewales account shows my tweet in the timeline but if I go to my other account @Soosieboo then the tweet from @soosiewales doesn’t show in the search which means no-one else can see it either!
I tried tweeting from @soosieboo – oh joy this one is showing in a hashtag search on @soosiewales!! BUT – If I add a link to this blog it doesn’t show up. I’ve tried using different link shortners but nothing works. So the only way to get a hashtag search to show up with a link is to add it as ‘soosie(dot)wales ….

Getting in touch with Twitter has proved fruitless so I really don’t know what else I can do!


GAWD – this is a bliddy minefield!!
Google Analytics wasn’t showing any activity about 6 weeks ago. I refreshed the code via Yoast but it failed so ended up pasting the tracking code into my footer.php. BUT when my theme updated it wiped the code out so I’ve had to do it again.


Domain Authority – I’m not likely to qualify for any ‘blogger opportunities’ until my DA goes up. When you go self-hosted you start at 1 and now 5 months later I’m still at 1.
I’ve discovered that the blog was missing it’s Robots.txt. Whatever that is!! So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my DA goes up at the next update in early December.

If you have any advice to impart on any of these issues please get in touch!!

Have you had similar issues? How did you solve them?

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  1. Diana

    I don’t know how does the DA work, mine has been 20 for ages now, although I get so many sites linking to me and stuff but my DA never changes…

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      I wish I knew too Diana! I know it’s driven partly by sites linking so that’s good. 🙂

  2. Alexis

    Hi Sue – I feel all your pain. Wish I could impart more wisdom but I’ve been blogging with actual focus for less than 3 months so am far away from any rankings that will put me on the map for any opportunities. Wishing you all the best though – I’m sure if we stick with it, we’ll be experts… soon. 🙂


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