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I’m Soosie and I live in South East Wales.

The name of the blog ‘Soosie Wales’ is not just my name and the fact that I’m in Wales, it’s a play on words
Wales = Wails  (Slang. to express emotion verbally in an exciting, satisfying way).
This blog reflects my 50 60 something take on life – it’s not all plain sailing!!

So a little about me – I’ve been married to hubby for over 30 years.

I have 2 sons that have both left home. The oldest one (C)  got married in April 2013 and has 2 sons, one born December 2010 and the second one in September 2014. The younger son (L) has emigrated to Australia and got married in September 2013.

I used to work in the IT Department of a High Street Bank and was made redundant in 2010. I’m now working part-time for a supermarket doing Administration.

My spare time is usually taken up with photography, cooking and generally lazing about.

I take part in 2 photography projects. Project #365 (#366) taking a picture everyday (well near enough!) and A Year with My Camera to increase my knowledge of photography. Last Christmas (2015) I bought a Sony a6000 and I also use a Panasonic TZ8 (my old camera) and my mobile phone.

I love cooking especially good wholesome food and I’m very fond of my slow cooker. Why not pop along to the Recipes tab and have a browse?

I’d love to get involved with reviews and enjoy trying out new products. This could be anything from tech, food and childrens items.

If you would like to contact me about anything please drop me an email at Soosie@Soosie.Wales



  1. Sinfully Tempting

    Wonderful blog, so glad I came across it. Love the recipes and photos! 🙂

    1. Sue

      Thank you. I’ve popped over to your blog and am now following. Excited to discover more recipes. 🙂


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