A Year with My Camera Week11 and 12

A Year with My Camera Week11 and 12

So A Year with My Camera Week11 and 12 is still all about Composition. Week 11 is all about where you place the subject and having a focal point. When you’re looking at a photo you want your eye to be drawn to something and be jumping around. So you have to ensure your viewer has one thing to zone in on.

There are 4 techniques to get to grips with:

1 – Rule of thirds.

This technique helps you to place the subject, foreground and background within your image. You are looking at getting the subject to dissect the lines on the left or right. (or top or bottom)

rule of thirds, A Year with My Camera Week11

In this image you can see that the bottom horizontal is in line with the land and the tree on the left lines up with the left vertical.

2 – Leading Lines

Something to lead the viewers eye into the image. A footpath, shadows, walls are a few examples.

composition leading lines, A Year with My Camera Week11

3 – Negative space 

Used to isolate the subject in the image. Removing all other elements from the image.

composition negative space, A Year with My Camera Week11

4 – Background separation

Exactly as it says, separate the subject from the background. This can be done using depth of field to keep the subject in focus and blur the background.
composition background separation, A Year with My Camera Week11You can see in this one that only the leaves in the centre are in focus and is separated from the background. (Yes I know it’s in the middle and it should be more to the right or left!!)

That’s the end of A Year with My Camera Week11 and now on to Week12.

A Year with My Camera Week12

We are still on composition – this is week 3 of 4.

This week we are thinking of the whole frame. We’ve learned about viewpoint, balance between the subject, foreground and background and having a focal point.

This week it’s taking techniques a further, borrowing from graphic designers. I’ve added examples of the techniques I’ve tried.

1 – 3s and 5s. 

We seem to prefer odd numbers and things grouped in 3s and 5s is more pleasing to the eye.

2 – Fill the frame.

Take away foreground and background and fill the frame with the subject. It can be quite dramatic.

A Year with My Camera Week11

3 – Symmetry

Self explanatory..

A Year with My Camera Week11

4 – Frame within a frame 

This is one of my own favourites. Looking through a frame – be it a window, door or just abstractly framing – to frame your subject. (Sorry the example looks out of focus… the grey area running vertical on left is actually a chain link fence)

A Year with My Camera Week11

5 – Diagonals

Using diagonals can add interest and tension to the image.

6 – Repetition

Following a pattern. Perhaps a shadow of railings, overhead shot of lots of flowers.

A Year with My Camera Week11

I think I’ve done quite well the past two weeks. Mind you some of these photos have been taken before these 2 weeks tasks.. they just happened to fit in quite nicely!

How’s your photography skills going?  If you’re skilled feel free to add any critique..but be gentle please. 🙂


 soosie wales

You can also see my progress by clicking  A Year with My Camera 


  1. Stephanie

    You’re doing really well! I did a photography course a few years ago and so glad I did, keep up the good work!

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Thanks Stephanie. I’m really enjoying the course, I can’t say I understand it all yet but it is coming together.

  2. Jess

    These are great tips. I think people forget that composition is actually the most important part of photography. Too many think it’s all about the camera you use!


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