A Year with My Camera Week10

A Year with My Camera Week10

A Year with My Camera Week10 is the first of 4 weeks on Composition. This week is the Anatomy of the photograph.

You need to understand what the 3 parts of a photograph are –

  • Foreground
  • Background
  • Subject

Then you have to decide how much of each you want in the image.

It’s about getting the right balance. The foreground generally takes up a small part of the image and leads the eye to the image.
The background offers contrast and context but shouldn’t overwhelm the subject.
The subject is generally one thing – but of course there are times when rules are broken.

Take a look at the whole frame, check that there is balance between all the parts. What does the image make you look at? Are there any distractions? Do you need to move to get the balance right?

There are alternatives of course. You may want to fill the frame with the subject. With landscapes you may want to make the foreground the main element.

Sometimes you may have to walk around your subject to get a good image. Or go lower or higher to get a different perspective.

This weeks task:

Using the same subject, create these 5 completely different photographs, using only a change in viewpoint between images (no changing lenses).
1. Mostly subject
2. No foreground at all
3. Mostly foreground
4. Mostly background
5. A pleasing balance between all 3

The key thing is to move your camera. Try shooting from underneath or directly above if you need to. Move closer and further away, and change the angle of the camera.

A Year with My Camera Week10, Composition 1a

My first effort is a tree. Points 1 – 4 taken while seated on a bench.


A Year with My Camera Week10, composition 1b

Final composition taken after moving position to take the image with the road running at the side.

A Year with My Camera Week10, composition 2a,

Second effort of some daffodils. Points 1 – 4 taken whilst standing and holding the camera lower than eye level.

A Year with My Camera Week10, composition 2b,

Final composition taken after moving so that the image didn’t have the houses in the background. I also moved the daffodil subject to the right of the frame.

I really enjoyed this week’s task. It made me think about how to compose my images and the simplest way is to move around the scene.

To join in with Emma’s course go to A Year with My Camera

To follow my progress click Soosie Wales A Year with My Camera. 

Do you think about how you compose your images? Let me know in the comments.

See you next week!

 soosie wales


  1. Alison

    It was a really interesting exercise and made me realise that you can change the shot by just moving.

  2. Deborah Nicholas

    I really need to step up mine too but taking pics with a phone when youre out is so much easier (and lazier!) lol

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      I agree a phone is easier but I get used to hauling out my camera.
      If you want to improve pop over to the AYWMC website and take a look. We are on composition now so lots of tips to take onboard. x

  3. hannah

    Some great tips here. It looks really nice and Spring like with the Daffodils x

  4. Mellissa Williams

    I feel i need to take a photography course. That last photo is excellent Sue. I was just looking at the website – is the course free?

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Yes it is free Mel. Why not sign up? You can go back to the start and go at your own pace. They have a FB group too to give you help and support too.
      The Jessops one was £79 with the new purchase discount.

  5. fashion-mommy

    I love taking photographs but am not that good at it, these photographs show just how much photographs can be improved.


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