247/366 Spider again!

Regular visitors to my blog know our house is Spider Central! We have lots of spiders! Well this morning I went to the garage to put on some washing and noticed spider web connecting from the guttering of our extension across to the conifer plant outside the kitchen. Quite a feat as the guttering is some 7ft high and the conifer is about 4ft and the web has to cross the pathway too!

I’ll add a more tag here  so those on the home page don’t get shocked….just click more if you want to see the SPIDER!!

The spider is sitting in the middle of his/her web waiting for prey.

This next picture shows you where the web is. The arrows show where the spider has strung his/her web from and too and the bubble shows where the spider is.

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  1. Melanie Edjourian

    OMG archnaphobia 2 in the making, im not coming to visit now, noooooooo way!!!! 😉

  2. Vibeke Henriette

    Ooooch I hate them so…, sorry!! Great shot though, must admit that too :)!

    1. Sue

      Thank you for your comment Vibeke! Glad you (sort of) like the spider!


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