24/366 Sunday in London Part 3

Hope you are still following the tour!

We rejoined the tour at St Paul’s Cathedral. The bus continues along to London Bridge – you know the famous story about this bridge don’t you? – then on to Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the world and is even more amazing close up. On the way over the bridge you can see the ‘Gherkin’ the common name for 30 St Mary Axe.
The tour continued along Victoria Embankment and we got off the bus here as I spotted the Battle of Britain monuments. We rejoined the tour again and our next hop off was for Westminster Abbey. I had to select what I wanted to photograph as my camera battery was running out of power.  We were also running out of time it was already gone 3.30pm and we had to get back to Victoria Bus Station so we could have a late lunch/early dinner before catching the bus home. So it was a quick few photos and hop back on the bus.

We got to Victoria just after 4.15pm, we found a pub and ordered some food and a beer.  It had been a long day but so worth it, although we had both been to London before neither of us had seen so much as we had from the bus tour. One good thing about doing the tour this time of year is that the tickets last for 48 hours so you can always do the ‘bits’ you missed.
My only criticism of the tour is that both the red and blue routes go in the same direction so if you want to get to a specific spot again you have to do the full journey. It would be good if they did a clockwise and anti-clockwise tour.

I hope we will be lucky enough to win another trip to London soon. One night was not really long enough to catch everything you want to see.

Photos from this part :1) and 2) Close up part of Battle of Britain Monument, 3) London Eye and Big Ben captured together. 4) The Gherkin. 5) Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast. 6) Westminster Abbey

Battle of Britain Memorial 2 Battle of Britain Memorial 5London Eye 11The Gherkin 2 Tower Bridge 2Westminster Abbey 3

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