235/366 Purple rain!

The Lobelia in my hanging baskets are looking like purple rain!!

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    at a quick glance they look like thin faced old ladies with really really bushy hair.

    1. Sue

      I think we both need new specs!!

  2. Emma Garratt

    Lovely colours – really need to get myself some baskets too x

  3. Donna (@mummybird_)

    You garden is beautiful. We live in a new house and our garden is plain and boring. 🙁

    1. Sue

      Thanks Donna. It’s taken 18 years to get it to this. Most of the plants were cheap ones from the garden centre. The ones they try to sell off when they are past their best!
      The conifers in pots were just little ones when we planted them.
      Getting a mature garden in a new house takes time. You’ll get there!


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