205/366 Sun is out where shall we go?

I think I’ve said before sitting in the garden in the sun or the shade bores me rigid.  (Although that’s what I do on holiday!!) I’d prefer to go for a drive and tour our local area.

Over breakfast we discussed where we’d go:

  • Cardiff? we’ve been there a few times recently.
  • Bristol? £6 parking, £6 for the Severn crossing, gallon of fuel..to walk around the shops. Nah..
  • Gloucester? Mm not been there for a while.
  • Forest of Dean? Ok but OH gets Hay fever and we ALWAYS get lost!
  • Abergavenny? Mm we could go there and then on up to Brecon and the Beacons.

Ok then Brecon Beacons it is then as long as we can go to Abergavenny too! You’ll see why in bit!

We set off at 10.30am and got to Brecon shortly before mid-day. I thought we had been to Brecon before but neither of us could remember anything of the town. It’s not very big and the shops are dotted about in several streets. We found a cafe to have a cuppa and noticed they sold Cozy Tea.. well I was sorted, Chamomile Cozy for me! We had a stroll through the town and looked at St Mary’s church and wandered back to the car.

St Mary’s Church – Brecon

On the way to Brecon we passed the turn off for Llangors Lake and decided that we would buy a packed lunch and head for the lake. It’s probably 25 years or more since we went to Llangors. They used to allow speedboats on the lake but it’s mostly rowing boats and yachts now. We found a free bench overlooking the lake and watched the water birds while we ate lunch.

Wild life at the lake

We then headed back towards Abergavenny. We parked at what I call the bottom of town in the main car park and walked up through the town. It’s just one long street with a mix of local traders and High Street names. There is a market twice a week but not today! I really like Abergavenny it has lovely shops and few nice pubs for a drink or lunch. BUT the thing I like most is that the town has my favourite shop. It’s only small but has hundreds of Teddys’. I wouldn’t dream of going to Abergavenny without going in to see them! I’ve bought a few over the years but today I resisted temptation even though there was one in the window that I liked. He was about 12 inches tall in a duffle coat and holding a bright yellow brolly over his head. It wasn’t hard to resist though as he cost nearly £100!

Picture of the day – My favourite shop!

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  1. Elaine Livingstone

    cracking blue sky, sounds like you had a good day

  2. Emma

    Sounds like a lovely place to visit. The bear shop looks Fab! 🙂 x

    1. Sue

      The Bear shop is fab..It used to be run by an older lady years ago and the shop had a little passageway that led to a back room. The front of the shop, the passage way and back room used to be full of bears of all shapes and sizes. She even had a Bear hospital. When she passed on a chap took it over but the landlady would only let the front part to him. It’s one of the those shops where its hard to leave without buying something.

  3. Claire Jeffreys (@claireejeffreys)

    Lovely pictures, it looks like a really nice place to visit. 🙂

  4. Jenny paulin

    Looks and sounds like a perfect way to send a sunny day! I love the flag bunting and the teddy bear shop looks so quaint and olde worlde! X

  5. Nikki Thomas

    Beautiful photos!

  6. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    Looks like lovely weather for a lovely trip! Love the bear shop, one very similar in Lewes, I always take a peep when visiting Mother in Law!


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