20/366 Oops missed a day

Well we were a bit busy today. My oldest son, his girlfriend (GF) and their baby boy moved from their first floor flat into a 3 bedroom house.

Hubby had been nights’  for last 2 nights so was in bed most of the morning – I know he hadn’t slept well as I could hear him moving about and tossing and turning.

I spent the morning cleaning the kitchen down and prepping a pork casserole for tea. (pork, onions, chorizo, peppers, tomatoes, chilli, sage all dumped in the slow cooker!)

I arranged with my son to get to his flat for 12.30pm. A lot of the bulky furniture had been moved and GF’s dad had borrowed a small van. Most of their belongings had been moved by 5pm so I called it a day and returned home. Got some spuds on and got small bag packed for our weekend in London. (More to come about this!)

By the time we had tea and got showered and washed my hair it was gone 8pm. Time to settle down for the evening and plan what we do in London.

So as a taster of my London photos this is Jelly Baby Family, by Mauro Perucchetti. It’s on display at Marble Arch end of Hyde Park until April.


  1. northernirelandphotos

    What a nice photo , could nearly eat them !!…….Joe

    1. Sue

      Thank you. Got a few good shots from my London trip. I’ll be posting a few more over the next few days. All part of #Project366. I’ve taken a look at yours too and they good. Are you a professional photographer?


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