Week 5 #Project365 – 2014

What horrid weather again this week. I’ve barely been through the door.  Short walks means not enough exercise again this week.

We’ve had a problem with SkyHD where the sound on most channels comes out like you have your fingers in your ears! I fiddled and poked with settings but got nowhere. I raised a ticket on the Sky Forums asking for help – well to be honest it was pretty useless. I listed the equipment we have and what I had done so far to find a solution. I had already checked settings, swapped cables, checked that the sound was OK through TV speakers, playing DVDs or Blu-rays.  What did they suggest?? Have you checked the settings? Have you checked the connections? Do a software update on your TV and Home cinema system… now this last one was not possible as the both are not connected to the internet (I’m too tight to buy a dongle). Their reply to this was to check the router and wi-fi connections.
I’ve worked at an IT Service Desk and at this point I was waiting for them to come out with the standard Service Desk solution – ‘Have you tried turning it off and on’ !!!  By Friday the sound was driving me nuts and I was considering bypassing the cinema system altogether. However whilst clearing out some drawers in the garage I came across a HDMI cable and an optical cable. I used them both on the Sky box and hey presto the sound problem was solved.. NOW how the hell can cables become faulty by just being in use?? They hadn’t been moved or tampered with.. ah well…

I’ve also been cleaning my kitchen cupboards and refilling my spice and herb jars – I tend to empty them, buy new and leave the new one in the cupboard. So I’ve ended up with my old M&S carousel, a Schwartz one (I inherited when we cleared youngest son’s storage locker) and a shelf full in the cupboard..

On Wednesday we went to see Jack Ryan at the cinema. It was OK, like a cheap imitation of the Bourne films. Last time we went the staff member asked us if we wanted Senior tickets – I didn’t know whether to be offended or not I’m not a senior – I still have a few years to go and Hubby has a year. But thought if we could get away with it who am I to argue! So this time I asked for 2 seniors so the trip was £5.50 for us both as we used the Orange Wednesday code.

On Friday we looked after Ashley for a while. Mummy dropped him off at 9am and said that he had woken up at 5:30am after falling asleep before 6pm on Thursday. By 10:30am he was rubbing his eyes and climbed up on Grandad and was soon asleep.

Happy to include one of him this week – I know some of you missed him last week!!

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  1. brinabird and son

    That is a lot of spice! What a gorgeous sleeping boy.

  2. Family Fever

    I love cleaning out kitchen cupboards – so satisfying! #project365

  3. Angela C

    I cleaned out my kitchen food cupboard and put a spice rack on the inside of the door, I love how it is more organised now, yours looks great

  4. Jen @mymummyspennies

    Lots of spices! Love the Cinema bargain, always take advantage of a way to save some pennies!

  5. Cathy Glynn

    You have a lot of spice in your house, I love your sleepy boy x

  6. Mummy Whiskers

    Ooh I’m so jealous of how organised your spices are, every night I pull the contents of my shelf out and throw them back in after, impossible to keep tidy. Sky are so annoying, we’ve had tv with Talk Talk for the past year and found them to be really good when theres a problem. Ashley looks so cute and peaceful!

  7. Elaine Livingstone

    must be the weather, I have cleaned out all my kitchen cupboards as well, far to many open powders/boxes that have not been used in months and wont be so I was ruthless. Nice to see Ashley this week even if h is asleep.
    Our BT router needs resetting regularly, most irritating

  8. over40andamumtoone

    Love it when kids crash out on the sofa #365

  9. Amanda Walsh

    I love cleaning my cupboards out, do it at least once a month

  10. jennypaulin

    sometimes it is not worth phoning helplines is it? you just go round and round in circles and get nowhere so infuriating. well done on your OAP concession at the cinema as you say it saved you some money lol. nice to see Ashley and i always love seeing a sleeping child pic x

  11. Jaime Oliver

    I had the same problems with cables the other week and i had to replace them! blooming things! im loving the spice rack we could do with one like this xx

  12. My Monkeys Don't Sit Still

    I so need to sort my kitchen cupboards! Love the pic of sleeping Ashley! #Project365

  13. Karen (@wouldliketobe)

    Aaahh sleeping children….always adorable x

  14. Erica Price

    We have a spice collection like that – usually loads of ones we don’t use and we have run out of the ones we do. Nice picture of Ashley. I know that feeling with customer service people. You give them all the info and then they send you a standard response which suggests they haven’t bothered to read what you say. Frustrating! Glad you’ve sorted it now.

  15. welshmumof3boys

    Oh I hate cleaning kitchen cupboards, I always find duplicate things lol

  16. Nikki Thomas

    Don’t get me started about Sky and their ‘help’. We have spent hours on the phone to them! Gorgeous sleepy photo

  17. TheBoyandMe

    That photograph of Ashley is just wonderful, so sweet and little still.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 (new linky live now).

  18. claire Toplis

    Beautiful pictures


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