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Like most of the UK last Sunday we were making sure that anything loose in the garden was either removed and stored in the garage or tied down, ahead of the St Jude’s arrival in the early hours of Monday.  It was supposed to have been worse than the storm of ’87 and the floods we had in early ’88.  Both of which I remember with some trepidation!
Well what an anti-climax …a bit of rain and barely a breeze.. we seemed to have escaped the worst of the rain and wind. The south coast was hit harder.
IMHO – the press made more fuss about it because it was heading for London and we all know London is the centre of the Universe don’t we??

I saw this picture on twitter and seemed to sum up the day quite nicely!!

storm advice

Monday’s post arrived and with the postie a parcel – some DKNY smelly that I won from the Perfume Shop. Although I have several smellies on the go at the moment, I’ll probably keep this one. It certainly won’t be given as an unappreciated gift at Christmas like my Kenso one was!!

We went to see Thor – The Dark World for Orange Wednesday this week. It’s very good, full of action and you get to see Chris Hemsworth’s six pack..(what can you want!!). I didn’t know until today though that Christopher Eccleston plays Malekith the Accursed! Good makeup!!
For supper that evening we had homemade Lamb Burgers. Gawd they were lush!!! I’ll get around to putting the recipe on here one day!!

The only other picture I’ve taken is of my Thai Pumpkin Soup. I saw culinary pumpkins in Sainsbury for £1 and thought it would make some good cheap soup. Along with the coconut it cost about £1.50 for 6 good portions! It was SO tasty!!

lamb burger, thai pumpkin soup, dkny
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  1. clairetiptop

    Mmm that soup looks amazing

    1. Sue

      It was.. definitely making it again.

  2. jenny paulin

    we managed to miss the storm here in north devon too. your soup sounds ammzing and such good value and although no a fdan of lamb, the burger does look nice x

  3. Elaine Livingstone

    oohhh food pics this week, yum yum. we had high winds but not as strong as down south. well done on the win, hope you enjoy using them

  4. TheBoyandMe

    I love DKNY Green Apple, it’s such a wonderful scent; my favourite Summer one.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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