#Project365 week 28 – day 7 – Edible

The theme for today is ‘Edible’

My OH loves a snack or 3 in the evening.  We have dinner anytime from 6pm to 7:30pm depending on whether he’s working or not. You can guarantee within an hour of eating he’s raiding the cupboards for snacks. Generally one or more of these – mixed unsalted nuts, apple, banana, chocolate, cereal or ‘sticks and dips’.
He never snacks when we’re on holiday, he actually eats less than at home.

Sticks and dips are his favourite. He usually buys the supermarket own brand of breadsticks but this week decided to go up market and bought some sesame breadsticks.

Sticks and Dips

Sticks and Dips

What’s your favourite snack?

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