157/366 – 161/366 It’s all grow – well nearly..

This week I decided to take some pictures of what is growing in my garden.  It’s great to see plants that have been dormant all winter suddenly leap into life. Besides the photos here, my Bay bush has almost doubled in size, my Hydrangea is full of leaves and has some massive buds on it and the conifers in pots that you can see on 158/366 have all got new shoots on them.

The only disappointment is my poorly Azalea by the front door – you’ve read before about my Azalea haven’t you?? (You haven’t – oh dear…get searching then!!) I thought it was well on the road to recovery but this week one more branch took a turn for the worse. There are some spider webs on it and I think some spider pest or other has taken a like to it. Well OH has taken the bug spray to it and has also given it some Miracle grow. I hope it’ll keep growing and thriving after I cut this dead branch off. Boo Hoo.. 🙁

So here are the pictures for this week.

157/366 – I didn’t expect to see flowers on a maple

158/366 Flowers, conifers and colour

159/366 Mint and Sage doing well and the parsley is catching up

160/366 Basket by the front door. It gets more sun than the one I’m featuring every week

161/366 My poorly Azalea – attacked by something AGAIN!!

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  1. Elaine Livingstone (@pooohbear2811)

    I have peppermint and spearmint in tubs as well. nice theme idea for the week

  2. Donna (@mummybird_)

    Your garden looks beautiful. We have a new house and garden and I miss a mature garden, we have just put lots of plants in, can’t wait for them to fill out x

    1. Sue

      The plants will soon fill out. We moved here 18 years ago in August. The garden was 5ft high in weeds, 10ft of it was behind an old hedgerow and there was loads of builders rubble in amongst it all.
      When they were building the house next door, we paid a chap some beer money to clear it with his mini bulldozer.
      We had a retaining wall built as the houses behind are further up the hill. We planted leylandii as we wanted more privacy. We planted 23 of them and they all fitted in the boot of our old vauxhall nova when we bought them.. grown a bit now!!
      Most of the plants in the back and the front were bought from a local garden centre. They had loads of old plants they were trying to get rid of, a chap I used to work with worked there and did us a deal of 20 plants for £10! Only one failed to grow!

      Oh crikey — a reply thats as long as post!!!


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