10 Good Things about Adult Colouring Books

10 Good Things about Adult Colouring Books

You all know that Adult Colouring Books are a ‘Thing’ at the moment right? They top the ‘Non-Fiction’ best sellers lists, they are toted as being good for stress.
I saw one on the shelf in the supermarket and as I had staff discount I bought one as part of my Christmas pressies off Hubby. I particularly liked the Millie Marotta Tropical Wonderland as the lines are so fine and in ‘grey scale’ rather than black lined.

So here are my 10 Good Things about Adult Colouring Books.

  1. Adult Colouring books bear little resemblance to children’s colouring books.
    I’d like to see any child stay inside the lines of the book I have!
  2. It’s addictive and relaxing.
    There are days now that my laptop isn’t turned on because I’d prefer to have a pencil in my hand.
  3. You’ll spend an inordinate amount of time looking at the prices and pack sizes of coloured pencils and fineliner pens.
    Have you seen the prices of some of them? You’d need a lottery win for some of them!
  4. Ditto – on You Tube looking at colouring techniques.
    Shading, cross-hatching, blending and colour combinations – there’s a lot to explore to increase your skills.
  5. You’ll spend hours and even days completing just one picture.
    It takes time to fill in all those little areas! You’ll think ‘I’ll just do this little area then get tea on’ and an hour will have gone by and the family is still waiting…
  6. Your pencil sharpner will wear out pretty quickly.
    Buy a cheap one they last just as long! I’m on my second one since Christmas..
  7. You’ll hide your pencils and book.
    To prevent the children and grandchildren getting their hands on them. No way I want a scribble on any of my pages!
  8. You’ll take photos of your finished picture. 
    You’ll post them on Instagram and Facebook because you want to share how proud you are of the finished picture. This is especially so if you’re not much of an artist like me.
  9. If you use the hashtag #MIllieMarotta she may ‘like’ your photo on Instagram.
    If you have a Millie Marotta book (Tropical Wonderland / Animal Kingdom, Wild Savannah) use the hashtag #MIllieMarotta. It feels great when you see her name against your picture.
    You’ll also get lots of likes from other people too. (see #10)
  10. You’ll search #MIllieMarotta and other hashtags looking for inspiration and ideas on how to colour your next picture.
    Using shades of one colour, rainbow styles, colours they use, fill each area and use the pattern as texture, or fill in each part of the pattern in the area, you’ll see some amazing artwork.

Here’s an example of some of my completed pictures.


adult colouring books

adult colouring books


adult colouring books

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I’ve become a great fan of colouring, it takes me back to my childhood when I’d sit for hours with a colouring book and wear pencils down to a knub!

Do you do colouring?
Do you find it relaxing?
Which books do you use?
Do you share your pictures?

soosie wales


  1. Milly Y

    I love the idea of adult colouring books, I definitely need to pick one up! Yours look great too 🙂

  2. Laura

    I’m obsessed with these I have a few. And you’re so right about the price of decent colouring pencils!

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      Do you post your artwork Laura?

  3. Claire

    I just bought an adult colouring book the other day!
    Also splashed out on some sharpie pens that I now spend hours every day trying to hide from the kids so they don’t go walkabout when it’s homework time!

    I love the enchanted Forrest book. It’s next on my list to buy.

    I have awful anxiety and colouring is really distracting!

    Which book did you buy?

    1. Soosie (Post author)

      I have Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland.
      I’ve only used coloured pencils but looking for some fineliners.


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